What is it?

Nefarious is about the desensitisation and self-absorbedness of present day young Australians, set within a failing Milk Bar in the South-Eastern suburbs of Victoria.


In The Intermission, we venture outside the cushy lifestyle offered by the Milk Bar and the suburbs and follow JC as he attempts to live in Australia’s most liveable city; Melbourne.


He’ll meet a new girl, get punched out by her ex-boyfriend and leave a trail of destruction in his wake.


Play the video below to see how we came to be Nefarious.

The Tinder Games

In the award-winning instalment from the Nefarious team, The Tinder Games follows JC as he attempts to swipe his way to true love. His lifelong friend, Vanessa, couldn’t be more supportive however his older (adopted) brother is disgusted by this modern form of match-making.


Starring Mark Rabahi, Tom Molyneux, Jasmine O’Donnell and Isabelle Ford. Featuring special guest appearances by Tara Vagg, Menik Gooneratne and Julia Vogl.


Winner of Best Comedy and Best TV/Web Series at the GO Independent! International Film Festival in Washington D.C., and was a part of the Official Selection for the 2016 Melbourne Underground Film Festival.


Watch the award-winning film below!

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The Intermission is deep, deep into pre-production.



It’s an ongoing process which is bound to be filled with exhilarating ups and downs so be sure to pick your social pipe to stay up to date!



Keep it Nefarious ladies and gents.